If You Have Small Kids – This Is a Sanity Saver

Are you working from home without any warning (duh, right)?

If you’re like most new homeschool/WFH parents I know, you’re probably ready to go a little insane.

Cut yourself some slack, this is all new. And, buckle up, it doesn’t get any easier!

After 19 years working from home (and 18 of those with kid(s)) here’s my #1 tip:

Your kids will be OK if you’re not watching them 100% of the time.

We never went crazy “kid proofing” the house, we just taught them what was safe. And having super fun stuff to keep their attention didn’t hurt.

Like this beauty!

bouncy house!

WFH Lifesaver

That’s my 3 y.o. daughter acting as model for this particular shot.  Our back porch is big enough so I can drag it where I can see from my kitchen-table office.

Tested Tough!

This baby is over 10 years old. It’s survived the Arizona summer sun, rain, and plenty of abuse from older brothers.

That wacky cover is a typical “dad move”. Take an old sheet to give some shade.

That’s because this thing can get H – O – T, so watch out if you’re looking for something for the yard with full sun.

We did try several ways to make that shade…

Shade in progress!

An Engineer in the making?


Obviously that roof brace isn’t going to work… (it’s from an indoor fort set, check that out here)

I like “quick solution #1” kind of thinking, so we ditched the roof brace and went for the “drape” technique.

Bouncy roof installed!

Shade? Yes. Good solution… No.

Truth be told, I was in the middle of work and needed something to start with.

Problem #1

It’s just too darn fun to jump ON the roof.

Yeah, within 30 seconds (no joke, you know what I mean parents amirite?) “daaaaddddyyyy”…

Several “don’t jump on the roofs” and “I didn’t mean to’s” later…

I scrounged up these bad boys:

Back in the day, I had a full studio in my home office. I was shooting several videos a day, some with a “green screen”. These clips were left over.

They are fantastic to have around the house!  (check out my post The #1 Best Go-To WFH Tool)

Once brains-retured-to-head, I snapped two on the lid and….

Clips to the rescue

Best WFG Tool Ever

Two things to keep in mind.

  1. Roof “accidents” will still happen
  2. Make sure to get in the netting
Nothin but net

Anchor the clip in the net for fewer “accidents”

So… there you go.  My “on the fly” WFH and KFH backyard solution!

OH.  One more thing.

Make sure to keep a broom handy.  This sucker will have more grass, bugs, and what-not than seems possible after 10 minutes of jumping.

I blame it on the static…

Hair raising experience

WFH can be a hair-raising experience

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