The #1 New To WFH Tool For Parents (and other ‘go to’ items)

Isn’t it amazing what happens when you never leave the house?

Welcome to my world.

I’ve been working from a home office for the last 19 years (give or take a few years) so “stay at home” is my normal.

My work has adjusted over the years as the kids got older and as I found what worked.

You’ll probably go through some predictable stages:

Stage 1:  Holy Crap, What Do I Do

This is totally normal.

You wake up one day and find yourself forced to work from the house.

It’s also totally normal to freak out and buy all sorts of crap you don’t need.

And so… Without further ado…

My #1 Tool…

Nope. Not joking.

You have no idea how many times you will want a “clippie thing”.

And, now that you’re working in the same space as your kids, you want it with a minimum of fuss.

I keep a set in the kitchen at all times.

Second are these bad boys

Not only for fast clean up (super absorbent when  new) but also great for cleaning the kitchen floor.

WFH Unintended Consequences

What happens when everyone is stuck in the house?

If you have kids, they’ll destroy the kitchen.  Seriously, the kitchen will be in a never-ending state of mess.

You can either get OK with a “total carnage” kind of look… or, devise quick-clean ways to keep the mess below your “I’m gonna explode” level.

Enter my go-to tool:

This thing is great. Water heats up fast. The steam will get that “where did they get that” sticky stuff off the floor with minimal effort.

And, it pairs really well with… you guessed it…

The #1 WFH Tool Ever

All these floor steamers come with “scrubber pads”. Trust me…

The scrubber pads suck

Just do this:

Start with your steamer and an old microfiber towel.  Note the black outline.  Yeah… I don’t scrub my counters with these, just the floor if you please.

The #1 Tool at work

Floor cleaning bliss?

Next, place your steamer, roughly center. Like this

Step 2

I like to put the ‘scrubber side’ down.

Then you’re going to want to roll the flaps. If you just “pinch” them together, you’re going to hate me, the steamer, and life.

Yes, that’s my lovely 3 y.o. assistant/model again. The clips aren’t super hard to open, for a toddler that is. Your mileage may vary.

Rolled, not pinched

Final result using #1 WFH Tool and accessories

Ready to go in 120 seconds

There are other options.

Say you don’t want to drag out the steamer, fill the water, and wait for it to heat up.

Gotcha covered.

You’ll want to grab one of these. That links to the whole kit. I’m sure you’ll find just the handle with a little searching.


Make sure to put it on the diagonal!


And, just like before, you’ll want to roll up the sides. Trust me, “the pinch” just won’t work. Even with my #1 WFH Tool


Yes, I really am wearing a dress shirt!

There you go.

My #1 New To WFH Tool For Parents (and other ‘go to’ items)

The great news is that handle/microfiber/clippie thingie is perfect for the youngsters.  Throw some water on the floor and they’ll have a blast cleaning.

Just don’t tell them they’re “cleaning”


Will they be occupied? Are they having fun? Yes and Yes.

And, just maybe, when they get older cleaning the floor wont’ be such a pain. (yeah, don’t get your hopes up)


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